As a science company, we serve as a solutions provider to the fields of life sciences, organic chemistry, materials science, and other disciplines. Every material we make and every technology we develop is designed to support the requirements of customers’ commercial projects. We pledge to support our customers as an innovation partner, without conflicts of interest. If you require small batches of any of these compounds, or unique analogues, please contact us for detailed communication.

Tell us about the compound you require, whether you need small gram quantities or multiple kilograms, and when you need the compound at your facility. A proposal will be provided in short order. To better serve customers, We can offer as below:


  • Comprehensive analytical, regulatory, physical properties, and stability support
  • Integration of quality by design to new compound development and manufacture

Manufacturing and compliance

  • Expert in highly efficient routes to new compound manufacture
  • Strong team of chemists and engineers with direct access to a cGMP high potency small-scale production facility
  • Project management and regulatory support to carry programs from early stages to commercialization
  • Outstanding cGMP track record at facility in China
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Custom Synthesis

Have a unique need? We can help. We’ve been creating custom solutions since 2013.