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Cat.No.: LD99616
CAS No.: 99-61-6
Molecular weight: 151.12
Molecular formula: C7H5NO3
Purity: 98% Min.


Cat.No.: LD552896
CAS No.: 552-89-6
Molecular weight: 151.12
Molecular formula: C7H5NO3
Purity: 98% Min.

2-Aminobezyl alcohol

Cat.No.: LD5344
CAS No.: 5344-90-1
Molecular weight: 123.15
Molecular formula: C7H9NO
Purity: 98% Min.

2-Nitrobenzoic acid

Cat.No.: LD552169
CAS No.: 552-16-9
Molecular weight: 167.12
Molecular formula: C7H5NO4
Purity: 98% Min.


Cat.No.: LD619249
CAS No.: 619-24-9
Molecular weight: 148.12
Molecular formula: C7H4N2O2
Purity: 99% Min.


Cat.No.: LD30343
CAS No.: 3034-38-6
Molecular weight: 113.08
Molecular formula: C3H3N3O2
Purity: 99% Min.


Cat.No.: LD57531
CAS No.: 57531-37-0
Molecular weight: 147.52
Molecular formula: C3H2ClN3O2
Purity: 98% Min.

2-Chloro-5-iodobenzoic acid

Cat.No.: LD19094
CAS No.: 19094-56-5
Molecular weight: 282.46
Molecular formula: C3H2ClN3O2
Purity: 98% Min.


Cat.No.: LD461432
CAS No.: 461432-22-4
Molecular weight: 339.61
Molecular formula: C15H12BrClO2
Purity: 98% Min.


Cat.No.: LD461432-1
CAS No.: 461432-23-5
Molecular weight: 325.62
Molecular formula: C15H14BrClO
Purity: 98% Min.


Cat.No.: LD79200
CAS No.: 79200-56-9
Molecular weight: 109.13
Molecular formula: C6H7NO
Purity: 98% Min.

Methyl Trifluoromethanesulfonate

Cat.No.: LD33327
CAS No.: 333-27-7
Molecular weight: 164.10
Molecular formula: C2H3F3O3S
Purity: 99% Min.


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