Introduction of the Author

Hello. I‘m Deng, from Jiangxi China. I’m the co-founder of LD CHEM, an intergrates development and marketing company that help customer to ensure their competitiveness in the pharmaceutical industry and seize market share.

I got my bachelor’s degree in 2011, majoring in polymer materials and engineering. I know a lot of organic synthesis reactions, and I have done many synthesis experiments. After graduation, I have also been a laboratory technician and quality inspection analyst. I deeply know that the quality of raw materials is one of the most important factors that determine the yield and quality of products in organic synthesis reactions.

With the rapid economic development and the gradual improvement of technological level, China has become the largest and best pharmaceutical raw materials manufacturer in the world, but their are many difficulties and potential risks to find the right supplier for making quality goods. Therefore, I founded the company LDCHEM with my partners in 2016, hoping to provide customers with one-stop procurement solutions, especially to help some emerging small companies.

With years of developing, we have successfully made special customized solutions for more than 100 customers, and provide 1500 spot products at least and technical services to 500 customers from more than 30 countries around the world. Surely we hope you can join us as a long-term partner.

As I know, helping others is achieving yourself. So I start writing blogs and making videos, to share practical experiences and thoughts about “The relationship between life and chemistry”. And attract more traffic and customers at the same time.